Thursday, September 2, 2010

When Sunlight Fades

When sunlight fades
Demons come out to play.
They writhe in a serpentine dance,
Taunting me with their sadistic smiles,
Lingering in dark psychotic corners.
They take my bloody hands,
And lead me beside a remote marsh.
At the water's edge and into the mire,
These naked devils lure me.
Lurking under the mangroves, they bite me,
But I bite back, and cut them too.
I snuff out their lives and submerge them.
Now those voices can't beckon me,
Not until sunlight fades again.

When sunlight fades
Loathsome beasts emerge from their haunts
To pull me down, to tear me asunder.
With wanton eyes, in seductive garb,
They gallivant in the grocery store
Or strut down the street.
Despite efforts to punish licentiousness
And smother their screams,
Their stench seeps through
The floorboard of my basement,
Oozing through the cracks.
But they can no longer hurt me;
They will no longer hurt me
Until sunlight fades again.