Thursday, August 12, 2010

Winter Skies

Under winter skies I saw her, her scarf waving in the breeze.
Snowflakes dancing on her cheeks, she smiled and whispered to me:
“I have come for you. I have carried you through childhood.”

My tears are frozen now; my body is at rest.
A warm feeling comes over me, though the sun now sets.
“I have come for you. I have carried you into old age.”

She brought me flowers in the springtime, in all the colors of the rainbow.
She brought me fruit in the summertime, so tenderly from the vine.
She brought me solace in the autumn, never shaken like the leaves.
And now she brings me peace.

Stretched out in the ruby-red snow,
I gaze towards the sky
And trace the clouds with my finger.
As she sings sweetly, in her bosom I fall asleep.