Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Belief System

Most people who know me can attest that I firmly believe in UFOs, ESP, and astrology. For that matter, anything in print, an article in a news magazine or a book, say, is the Gospel truth to me. Also, I’m no Mormon, but I think the evidence is conclusive that Joseph Smith, erstwhile shyster and womanizer, was a prophet who thanks to an angel found ancient tablets proving the Israelites had come to this land millennia ago.

Such credulity, I concede, is costly, for I depleted my kids’ college fund on the Psychic Friends Network a few years ago. Was it worth spending my entire life’s savings? I’ll let you decide: I not only found that I’d have both challenges and opportunities in my future (which in fact came to be true), but, for those of you who are weaker in faith and require more specificity in psychic reads, I learned two months in advance that Anna Nicole Smith would probably die of drugs or alcohol. It’s like I was living history before history even happened!  Listen, I don’t mean to brag about my belief system, but it’s made me a wiser person.  What I just can’t wrap my mind around, however, is the notion that people do things out of self interest. I not only refuse to believe that, but I can't believe it. It goes against everything I’ve ever known about human nature.