Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fight Urine with Urine

I have to place my shoes upside down when I leave them in the house because one of my cats is peeing in them. We have three cats and I don’t know which one is doing this. For the sake of argument, I’ll say that all three of them are urinating in my shoes. It’s happened at least twice this year. It disgusts to me to think that as they lay on my bed and I scratch their belly and ears in the evening, one thought is swirling around in their golf-ball-sized brain: “I think I’m going to pee in his shoes tonight.” Such deception and betrayal! Is this how Jesus felt at the Last Supper when he passed Judas the gravy and mashed potatoes? They look and act so cute, but they're plotting their Machiavellian schemes the whole time!  I don’t know for sure whether my cats pee out of spite. It’s possible that they’re smarting over the fact that I don’t let them go out at night or I shoo them away from the dinner table. Perhaps I’m anthropomorphizing their actions. Maybe my shoes bring in the scent of the outdoors and they’re simply marking their territory. I devised a simple remedy, and even if it doesn’t work it will give me some satisfaction. I filled a water bottle with my urine and every now and then I sprinkle some of it onto their back or head. If they peed in my shoes out of spite, then touché! What goes around comes around. However, if they peed in my shoes for some territorial, “call of the wild” reason, then no harm here. I’m just doing the same thing, as far as they’re concerned.