Thursday, August 19, 2010

The March of Time

I went with my daughter Monika to registration today. She’s the baby of the family and she’s starting high school. I knew this day would come. Moreover, I knew it would come faster than I thought. But boy oh boy! The nest will be empty in a few years, and I’m no longer a spring chicken. A friend of mine who’s about to turn forty told me that life is now about maintenance—maintaining your health, relationships, and source of income. He’s right. The days of careerism and ambition are largely behind me. Don’t get me wrong. I still have ambition in terms of my mental and spiritual development, always thinking and writing and trying to learn more. For that matter, I haven’t yet completely given up on trying to better my work situation and economic status. About four or five years ago, however, my outlook shifted a bit. I’m more involved in my children’s future success than in seeking my own opportunities. That’s just the way it is, I guess. But who knows? In five years, when the kids are no longer in secondary school, I might embark on some new chapter in my life. I just got to take it one day at a time.