Saturday, June 1, 2013


I would follow him anywhere. Imagine me thinking these words, let alone uttering them to myself in an unguarded moment.  After all, I am a leader of men, burdened by a thousand obligations and responsibilities, routinely barking commands and too often making demands.  I have followed him to this forbidding place and I will continue on for as long as I can discern his dark form on the horizon.  I would follow him anywhere, even if it meant sacrifice, even if it meant losing myself.    Ice-capped mountains loom over the auburn landscape.  Still, even if he appears as merely a black dot in the distance, he’s larger than life, to me, larger than nature’s bounty.  I’ve pursued him through the orange groves.  I’ve tracked him through the wind-swept plains.  As he’s made his way from the basement to the attic, from the bowels of hell to the heavenly firmament, out of ambiguity and into clarity, I’ve kept him in sight.  And the longer I follow him, the more I realize I’m a follower.  Yes, I’m not just following: I’m a follower.  I have surrendered myself without reservation to his will.  Does he know I’m following him?  Is he trying to elude me?  Does he exist?  Such questions emerge from my subconscious mind from time to time, but I pay them no heed.