Sunday, June 23, 2013

Erika the Intern

I spent the late afternoon and evening with Erika in beautiful Mundelein, a village north of Chicago, where she’ll be working as an intern for a business that sells medical supplies.  She starts an eight-week internship tomorrow.  After checking into the hotel around 5:30, we explored this upscale town to see what it has to offer and how far the business is from the hotel.  I knew the town like the back of my hand before we left; that is, I gave the region a good scrutiny on Google Maps.  Mundelein and the adjacent Vernon Hills consist of industrial parks and plenty of places to eat and shop.  This place is definitely upscale and expensive.  We ate on the outdoor patio of a fine Mexican restaurant and had “Guacamole Live” as an appetizer.  A dude made it fresh on the spot!  Exciting.  I guess that served as our entertainment for the evening.  I went out on a limb and got three cheese enchiladas with rice and beans.  Erika did the same.  We had a fun discussion about the family.  I find Erika to be so easy going; she’s a pleasure to be around.  I think she’s a classic phlegmatic: an introvert and relationship-oriented person.  After the dinner we went to the grocery store so Erika could stock up her hotel room kitchen for the next week or so.  She’s settling into her hotel room and I’m currently in the lobby lounge area.  I’m proud of Erika.