Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yet Another Birthday Girl!

My sister Linda celebrates her birthday today.  Over five years separate us as siblings.  Apart from the obvious commonality we share in parentage and middle-class upbringing, we eventually racked up different experiences that gave us different backgrounds.  Nonetheless, genetics trumps environment more often than not, so we have similar interests—and most of these interests have to do with the finer things in life like art, literature, travel and margaritas heavy on the tequila.  That is to say, we share wanderlust of the mind and the world abroad.  I suppose she'll be the person I'll have known for a longer period of time in my life than anyone else.  I intend the following sentence as a sort of banal observation, neither good nor bad.  We probably remind each other that people don't change—not their true nature; but they certainly adapt and take on different perspectives with the passage of time.