Monday, January 25, 2010

Man Picking Nose

The other day I saw a man who was ostensibly caressing his moustache with his fingers but in reality was clandestinely transferring what in colloquial terms is called a “booger”—a dried or partially dried selection of mucus, for you science buffs—directly from his nostrils into what the French call la bouche, that is to say, the mouth. The implications one can draw from this action is that the man was intending to masticate, if not digest, the said booger, perhaps under the false impression that it would serve as some kind of vitamin. But you aforementioned scientists know that there is no empirical data to back this up. The thought that humanity is capable of such loathsome habits is a bitter pill to swallow, or booger, as the case may be. One might think that this story is a product of my sick imaginings, but it’S NOT.