Thursday, October 3, 2013

Haunted Trousers

Jerrold was convinced a ghost haunted his corduroy trousers.  Every time he put them on something strange would happen.  They would gyrate, pulsate, and sometimes even percolate.  A little investigation revealed that the specter either inhabited the pants only at the time Jerrold was wearing them or, for whatever reason, chose to lie dormant inside the said pants until the time came every morning for Jerrold to slip them on.  We haven’t yet addressed the grotesque sounds emanating from Jerrold’s pelvic area, leading to the suspicion that more than one ghost haunted the corduroys.  One day by happenstance our protagonist discovered that his denim jeans were likewise haunted, as were his khaki cargo pants and the nice polyester slacks he bought from Sears the other day.  Sometimes a residue or stain would be left behind, as if somehow the spiritual realm crossed over into the physical.  What these ghosts want is not clear, so Jerrold recently hired a paranormal specialist to launch a further investigation.