Sunday, October 27, 2013

Succubus of Kettlewood Estates

Be on your guard if you stay overnight at Kettlewood Estates.  You won’t succumb only to the magnificent view of the Chesapeake.  Passions stir in dark places, at the nexus of lust and pure evil.  She’s not who or what you think she is, and it won’t matter if you’re youthful, virile, in the twilight of your years, or dry to the bone; if you’re a heterosexual male, you won’t escape her demonic wiles, the dark power of a sinister spirit.   Poe once wrote that there’s nothing more poetic than the death of a beautiful woman.  Well, there’s nothing more beautiful than this shrouded figure that glides through the air and lures foolish men to the flames of hell.  But she’s no corpse; she’s not among the “living dead.”  She's not one of the many ghosts from the Civil War that haunt this region—she’s much worse, a malevolent force in the guise of a stunningly beautiful and irresistibly sensual woman. Her face is pale as ash, with wanton eyes as black as coal, and dark streaks running down her eyes—are these tears or Satan’s branding?  Her long flaxen hair is almost as pale as her face.  Don’t follow her upstairs, lads.  Fight the urge to kiss those dark lips, for they’ll lead you straight to perdition where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Leave the state of Maryland if you have to, and never come back.