Monday, March 11, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Once again it’s time to read your letters.  I always look forward to this segment, for readers never cease to amaze me with their gracious comments and witty reactions to the topics of this blog.  I had Der Viator Blog staff members place a box of them on my desk.  I’ll select a few at random.  Let’s see what we have here…  Ah, this one looks good (opening the envelope, so hold on a sec…).  James from Providence, Rhode Island writes… Well, he writes just one word, “Asshole.”  Really?  You took the effort to send a letter with just this one word?  How you ended up inadvertently writing down your thoughts while looking in the mirror, and then sealing this note in a letter addressed to me, is beyond me.  Let’s move on.  Here we go: Jen from Hayward, Wisconsin wants to know my real identity.  My name is “Brian.”  I’m an “orthodontist” in “Indianapolis.”  That's about all I’m willing to reveal at this time.  Alan from Detroit writes: I’d rather eat dog shit than be subjected to your drivel.  You make me sick, not just your face or viewpoint, but your essence, your being.  Look, Alan, you don’t have to read this blog.  I mean, it’s not like it’s required viewing, right?  Geez.  Please, people, get a life.  Don't waste my time with your crappy letters.