Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Father is Gay, My Mother a Lesbian

My father is gay and my mother is a lesbian.  I don’t understand how I came to be, given this strange parentage, but I suspect my parents pretended to live a traditional life for the sake of appearances, what with homosexuality condemned in that era.  So I was the product of a lie, I guess you could say.  They eventually went their separate ways, each finding the love they had truly sought their whole life in the arms of someone of their same sex.  My parents, to their credit, didn’t divorce until I graduated from high school.  For those of you wondering, I had a happy childhood and I live a healthy, fulfilling life today.  For full disclosure, I'm a monorchid, which means I have only one testicle, like Hitler, but this physical disability has nothing to do with my parents being gay and lesbian respectively.  (On a side note, my cat is also a monorchid.  Talk about coincidence!)  If anything, these life experiences and physical challenges have made me a stronger person.