Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Uncle Ned

My uncle Ned is weird.  He has a shed in the back.  I’ve heard screams and ghoulish howls in the middle of the night from said shed.  I’ve seen what appeared to be a human butt in the pond on the south side of the property.  I don’t go there anymore.  He always has mud on his boots and smells like moss.  The crotch part of his overalls is always wet.  Our German shepherd, Sally, doesn't like him.  I've seen blood stains on his shirt sleeves, though he rolls them up to hide incriminating evidence.  He doesn’t say much and has a weird look on his face.  My uncle Ned is weird.  Still, he's great with the kids.  He always makes himself available  to babysit whenever my wife and I want to go out for dinner and a movie.