Monday, March 12, 2012

The American People

The American people this, the American people that.  The American people are fed up with this, the American people want a future of that.  The second I hear another politician or pundit on the right or left refer to the “American people,” I tune out.  I realize that it’s a rhetorical flourish and politico-talk, but it’s no less disgusting to me.  I know I’m not alone in this view.  I googled “American people” and found a website that attempts to chronicle every utterance of the phrase in the public sphere.  That’s a tall order.  Sometimes I wish we had the technology so that when people on TV say “the American people,” they would receive a pinprick on the genitals, kind of like an electronic dog collar but more painful.  Such a shock to the groin would be fitting recompense for their presumption, duplicity, and sophistry, don’t you think?  Just sayin’.  The only problem is that someone other than me might get a hold of the technology and use it indiscriminately, and for evil.  Still, I think my solution to this problem is sound, and I'm sure the American people would agree with me.