Thursday, March 24, 2011

Twist of Fate

In her wildest imagination Nileema Tabuk never thought she’d operate, let alone own, a franchised hotel in the United States.  “Don't give up on your dreams,” she told her nephew, as she sipped a blueberry cosmo, heavy on the vodka, with gusto.  It wasn’t exactly a childhood dream to operate a Days Inn in Reis Lake, Nebraska, but having been born and raised in India and betrothed to an abusive Serbian man almost twice her age when her family moved to Abu Dhabi to find employment, she felt she had not only entered paradise but had done quite well for herself.  She admits that her second husband, Anoop, a naturalized U.S. citizen, helped her tremendously in the early years.  Nowadays Nileema, who became a citizen a few years ago, identifies herself completely with America.  She's active in the community, an avid viewer of American television programs, and points with pride to the Huskers stickers all over her Jetta.  When given the opportunity, she'll talk your ear off about the U.S. Constitution or her son's studies at the University of Nebraska.