Thursday, December 30, 2010

Long Day

My eldest daughter got into a car accident today on her drive to the big city to meet a friend. Fortunately she’s okay. Hearing about the accident first from her was reassuring from the get-go. She probably called moments afterward, for she was rather frantic on the phone, understandably. But had someone else called for her and told us that our daughter was in an accident, it would have been quite disconcerting. She had taken my wife’s car because the windshield wipers of her car, a Jetta, which has been a money trap for years now, were not working properly.

It’s been a taxing day, as my wife made the phone calls to the insurance company and I drove almost three hours to get her. She was on the divider of a tollway with her hazards on, not far from an “oasis” exit. We left the keys in the car for the tow truck guy and waited at the oasis. Thank God she was okay, not even a scratch. The front end of the car, however, is severely damaged: the bumper, radiator, and fenders. We’ll pick it up in a couple of weeks from an auto mechanic in the area that works with our car insurance. This will be a severe financial and logistical setback for our family, but we’ll make do. I tried to see the glass half full. I was able to spend time with my oldest daughter who normally has little time for me.