Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Most people who meet me don’t like what they see.  Some think I’m the mother of all assholes, while others consider me no more than a loathsome spider they’d just as soon stamp out if they could.  What they have in common is that they’re repulsed, quite visibly so, and I can’t blame them.   I mean, I’m okay on paper, but once people interact with me face to face, they soon become bitterly disappointed.  One woman after meeting me, I’m told, contemplated suicide but somehow managed to pull herself out of this dark place enough to live at least a life of emotional pain and solitude in her basement.  Do you ever have moments when you wish you could have lived your life differently?  Do you ever reflect in the quietness of your heart that the road to happiness and enlightenment starts with little steps?  Do you ever come to a kind of cosmic realization that you could turn your life around?  That a person’s worth is not measured by others?  That there's always a way out of the darkness if you just look for the light?  Well, not me, but let me be absolutely clear on one point: If you see me from afar, you won’t think much of me, good or bad.  If you hazard a conversation or otherwise interact with me, however, you’ll walk away feeling convinced that there is no God and all that you hold as sacred in this life amounts to a pile of poo.