Saturday, July 23, 2011


I just spent two weeks in hot, humid Kentucky for my annual military training as an Army Reservist.  I have few memorable and interesting experiences from this trip, a couple of exceptions being a daylong train ride with a train crew from my transportation company and a visit during off hours to a few Civil War sites.  The Battle of Richmond occurred here in August of 1862.  The Confederacy won the battle, but—spoiler alert!—Johnny Reb lost the war.  On one day a soldier injured his ankle playing basketball, so his platoon sergeant and I took him to the hospital.  On this and other occasions I had an opportunity to drive into Richmond, which is located about fifteen minutes up the road from the Blue Grass Army Deport, the site of our training exercise.   I had a pleasant experience.  Richmond houses Eastern Kentucky University and offers a decent number of stores and food joints.  The people are friendly as could be, especially toward the military.  I went to a Hardee's one day and a Starbucks another; someone insisted on paying for my meal on both occasions.  Senior citizens came up to me and either expressed appreciation for my service or talked about their sons’ experience in Vietnam.  Kentucky seems like an okay place to live.  Years ago I applied for a position at the university in Louisville.  If I lived there, I'd probably just drink bourbon whiskey all the time.