Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I went to my youngest daughter’s Middle School graduation this morning. The ceremony occurred at the mezzanine floor of a large hotel. I experienced a bit of déjà vu, because my other two daughters graduated there as well. Monika played stand-up bass in the band and orchestra at the beginning. The principal recognized her for highest honors. She was only one of four students to describe her fond memories before the audience and only one of two who presented a gift to the school—a mural painting that she partly designed. The audience consisted of the usual suspects, those malodorous mammals I mentioned a few blogs ago. Some of those parents dressed up as if they were at a White House ball. What the heck? For her part, Monika looked good in her new dress outfit; she exuded confidence and maturity.

Life is like that asshole in a green Tahoe who almost veered into me from the fast lane.  It passes by quickly.  I vaguely remember my own Junior High graduation in California. I was playing drums in the band.  It doesn't seem too long ago.  And now the last of the Viator girls, our baby Monika, has graduated from Middle School.  Four more years and they'll all have left the nest.  We must relish these moments while we have them; yet, we won't get too sad at their passing, for the excitement of life is always having that next stage to look forward to.