Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend in Early March

My daughter Jessi is on spring break from the Naval Academy this week. I picked her up at the Milwaukee airport Friday evening.  It was the first time we were both in uniform together, as I had spent the day on military orders at Fort McCoy and had driven straight to the airport.  The long drive home provided a great opportunity to have a good one-on-one discussion.  I knew she’d be hanging with friends most of the time, so I’ll take what I can get.  That said, I did have the opportunity to go out to dinner last night with her and her friend Lauren, who came down for the weekend to hang with Jessi.  After dinner the three of us saw the movie Non-Stop in which Liam Neeson kicked some ass.  (There’s a bit of nostalgia here, as I had taken Jessi to see the Liam Neeson movie Taken a few years ago, mostly so she’d become aware of the problem of sex trafficking in Europe; the movie ended up being really good, so it is a fond memory for us.)

Unfortunately I have to teach this coming week, so once I leave here tonight for the other town where I teach, I won’t be able to see Jessi until Thursday or Friday.  I’ll take her to the airport next Saturday morning and have another opportunity to talk and catch up.  Overall, things are looking up.  I was able to hang with Jessi and family.  It’s daylight savings time, so the days will be longer.  Above all, the weather is become more temperate; at least it’s warm enough to do some serious running and outdoors recreation.