Saturday, March 8, 2014

The World in a Coffee Cup

I have had a splendid time these past couple of months discussing with colleagues what it means to bring a global or intercultural perspective into the classroom.  The faculty and staff at the university where I teach are receptive to and candid about this topic, though they come at it from different disciplines, experiences, and perspectives.  It’s been fun and insightful hearing about their teaching strategies, as well as their travels abroad or in some cases their experiences in balancing two cultures as an immigrant or “hyphenated” American.  In April I’ll be presenting a poster at a conference with a Spanish instructor.  Both of us received a stipend to promote a global perspective on our campus, as we’re fellows in an intercampus cohort program on “internationalizing the curriculum.”  Based on the interviews, the poster will (hopefully) provide a springboard for discussion.  I look forward to engaging conversations at the conference, sharing with other academics the wonderful ways my colleagues are exposing students to other cultures and points of view.