Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Frank and Lena

Besides the wine tasting with my siblings during my visit to California I spent some time with my parents.  Chatting with my father at the poolside or the coffeehouse was an enjoyable experience, though he did most of the chatting.  My dad is genetically hardwired for conversation and social engagement, and he’s a dye-in-the-wool Democrat and educator.  Well, we have education in common!  I get my temperament and musical proclivity from my mother.  She pulled out some sheet music and had me work on some Chopin and ragtime pieces while I was there.  I felt like a twelve-year-old boy old again.  I used to come home from school and get ready for piano lessons, while my mom would bake cookies or otherwise reward me for my efforts.  All things considered, I had a good childhood.  No complaints.