Saturday, November 17, 2012

Capital Square

I took my daughter Jessi to her interview with Congresswoman ______ at the state capital today.  She needs a congressional appointment for the Naval Academy in Annapolis.  It was a pleasant experience, and her interview went well.  Afterwards we went to Starbucks on the capital square and walked around the capital building to talk about the interview and her plans for college.  The Naval Academy is one of three options she’s pursuing.  Jessi will graduate from high school in June.  The congresswoman, who recently won a senatorial race, popped out of the office and went right up to shake Jessi’s hand and say hello.  That was a highlight for Jessi, and me too.  The swim coach at the Naval Academy has great interest in Jessi, so we’ll see what happens.  From a parental point of view, I like this option the best, as her college experiences would be taken care of.  In January I plan to make a trip with her to visit Annapolis and Washington and Lee University in Virginia.