Saturday, January 8, 2011

Humility or the Lack Thereof

Do you ever think about the personal attributes that most attract you to a person?  Contrariwise, do you think about that which most repels you?  Inevitably, I find myself drawn to people who exhibit humility, not the “woe is me, for I’m a worm” type of humility that wallows in the muck and mire, but the kind of humility that invokes a mature, reasoned sense of one’s place in the world.  The former is really just pathological behavior, while the latter is the expression of a liberated soul.  I might not always be conscious of this attraction, but I have found humility to be the common denominator in the relationships I have formed.  Yes, I’ve considered who my friends and acquaintances are and have asked myself why I hang out with them instead of other people I meet.  These people walk in humility for the most part.  True, nobody is free of sin, and we all succumb to less-than-humble attitudes and utterances every once in a while, but these people have a measured assessment of their abilities, achievements, and physical characteristics.  They know their weaknesses and limitations, and while they recognize their strengths, they don’t feel compelled to trumpet them from the rooftops.  I suppose a humble spirit stems from a refreshing inner confidence and self-possession.